Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why I Should STOP Watching Horror Movies

As many of you know I moved into a house at the beginning of February. I'm NORMALLY a full functioning, rational adult {maybe}. I LOVE horror movies! Michael Myers {NOT from Austin Powers and Shriek fame}, Freddy Kruger and Jason Vorhees were my 'boyfriends' growing up.

I saw the first Nightmare on Elm Street at a friends' 13th birthday party {there is a whole 'nother story about THAT night} and it scared the holy SHIT outta me! But I fell in love with the horror movies.
NOES, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Mirrors, Quarantine and many more have given me pause and made my heart rate accelerate. I FREAKING LOVE HORROR MOVIES!
Unfortunately my love for scary movies has spawned an overactive imagination. Case in point: The first day we moved into our wonderful new home I noticed that the windows in Girl Child's room were nailed shut and EVERY door in the house had a lock on the OUTSIDE of the door. I shook off the feeling of pending doom and went about my business of putting everything in the rooms they belong in.
Cut scene to later that night: I was taking a shower in my new home after the Spawn had gone to bed and Hubby had closed himself off in our room for the night. The house was settling and I'm thinking how wonderful its going to be for my family to FINALLY have room to run in the yard and grow up to be functioning adults.
THEN my imagination starts...was that creak I just heard the house settling or the ghost of some unfortunate soul that is trapped in the house after unspeakable things were done to it.
I peek out the curtain and sigh with relief that it was in fact my imagination. I go to put my head under the water to wash the nasty out of my hair and when I close my eyes a scene from an OBSCURE movie I saw in the 80's flashed in my head*(Yes, that's BLOOD coming out of the shower head):

Of course when I shook THAT thought off I told myself I was probably better off just taking a bath, THIS picture slammed into my head:

I can't honestly say I'll never watch horror movies again, cause that'd be a lie and I've got this whole guilt thing about certain certain times. Yes, I'm a dork and no one really cares about my sick fascination with the horror genre but this is where I can put my thoughts to paper (so to speak) and not really give two flying fucks what people think.
I will leave you now with those disturbing pictures swirling thru your head. You're welcome!
* I searched the freaking Internet ALL morning because of this stupid movie! In case you're wondering it's a 1981 made for TV flick called "This House Possessed"


Mandy said...

Still the weirdest friend I've got!! LOL!!
Love ya!

Belle said...

A word of advice. Watch some Disney - it'll make you feel better.

the mama bird diaries said...

I can not watch horror movies. I'm haunted for days.

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

you forgot to put in the Psycho shower scene while you were at it!

Well, enjoy your new house... looks like it was made for your express entertainment... and yes, I AM still going to take a shower tonite... but with a knife ready by my side.

Queen Goob said...

So last night while The King and i were laying in bed we both hear footsteps coming from another part of the house.

Coop was sleeping on the floor and the Spawn were both in bed asleep.