Wednesday, February 17, 2010


NO! I'm NOT pregnant! I figured out what caused that AFTER I had my third child (and fixed that problem QUICKLY). BUT, we do have a new addition to our family...
THIS is Roxy. She's our new puppy. We THINK she's a Jack Russell Terrier (when she stands still for a few minutes, I'll take another picture of her). She also THINKS my step-spawn is her person. He's not, he doesn't even like her - but he's 19, he doesn't like much of anything.

We didn't tell the kids we'd gotten her - they were away for the WHOLE weekend!!! When they got home yesterday she was a surprise for them, along with new beds and sheets - but that's another story. I was on the phone with the Youngest when he saw her (Mom, there's a DOG in the house! Yes, honey - I know. You got us a DOG?!?!?!). They were SO excited that we'd FINALLY gotten them a dog!

We decided to let THEM name her. We had Bella or Belle (which is foreign for Beautiful - NOT Twatlight). We had Mary. We had Undertaker. Diva. Jack. Sparrow. Elizabeth. Swan (still Pirates, NOT Twatlight). Black Pearl (there is a theme I'm sure). They shot down all my Shakespere ideas (I was HELPING). Then there was Rex, Rocks, Ruby, Max, Dora, Blue, Magenta (you'd think I had a house full of toddlers!). Finally, I pulled ROXY outta my head. They thought on it a minute and they all AGREED!!! Apparently, my children like Chicago (said with jazz hands).

Last night, I did get the ultimate thrill out of walking into the living room and saying to Girl Child, "You wanted that puppy, right?"

"Yes", she said with trepidation

"You're going to help take care of her and love her, right?" I said with a smile

"Yes, she's the best little do-wait, why?", she said with a little distain

"She peed on the floor in front of the bathroom door. Yes, it was CLOSE to the bathroom, but she's a DOG. YOU get to clean it!" I said with more than a little excitement (I think my HUGE grin gave it away)

So, I've lost my freaking mind by brining a PUPPY into the house, but seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing them laugh when she plays with MAY be worth the headache of bringing a LIVE animal into my house...MAYBE!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Facebook Etiquette

Ok, so I've gone to the dark side...I've put myself on Facebook. I fought as hard as I could to stay away from it. I've been waterboarded and tickle tortured until I caved. Now I have a question....

Do I HAVE to accept a firends reqest from Hubby's ex-wife?!?! I mean this bitch from the lowest depths of hell actually got upset that Hubby and I both declined her friends request. I mean seriously?!?!?!?! WTF?!?!?! Hubs and I have been together for almost 15 years - 15 YEARS!!!

The only contact he had with her was when their boys were younger and he HAD to have contact with her. They're now 21 and 19! He agress with me, he doesn't talk to her or ANYTHING. What's REALLY sad? She called Youngest Step-Spawn and was whining to him that we haven't accpted her request and ignored her every attempt...

BITCH - back the fuck off! You left him and have ALL your friends believing he beat you - he's NEVER laid a hand on me or my kids...hmm, you're just a lying whore! I got him, GET over it! Just because you're fat and ugly and can only get a BI-guy to fuck your fat ass doesn't mean we have to still have you in our lives. GO AWAY!!!

So my question is: Am I breaking some kind of Facebook rule by NOT accepting her as my friend? Will I get blackballed from Facebook because I don't like ugly, fat, cheating whores? {Myself excluded, of course!}

Thank you for all your help.

The Crazy Lady Who Writes This Blog