Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MY Bat Story

My friend Susan told a bat story on her blog earlier and now she's pressured me into telling my own...
We lived in Thomasville, Georgia (its near the FLA/GA state line) in this HUGE old Victorian house. My mom, sister, baby brother and his wife lived with us, along with Hubby and our 3 small children - THAT'S how big this house was.
One night I was reading to Girl Child her bedtime story (Goodnight Moon). After I'd read to her she looked up to the ceiling into the corner near her door and her eyes about bugged out of her head, so being the concerned parent I looked up to see what had made her eyes so big.
And there is was...the BIGGEST rat with wings (aka - BAT) that I'd ever seen! Needless to say I wasn't the shapely 23 yr old anymore, so I was a little more than out of shape. I grabbed my precious daughter and screamed like a little pansy girl while I was running down the stairs (Again, not an easy feat).
My big, bad baby brother was the only male over 2 years old in the house so it was his job to get rid of the damn thing! He proceeded to flush it out of her room and right into the ceiling fan in the downstairs living room.
The fan knocked the bat silly enough to fall onto the floor long enough for us to trap it in a pan and run it outside.
We let it go...or tried to. I guess the ceiling fan knocked it a little more than silly cause it killed the poor thing.
I'd only ever heard my mother scream like a girl when our pet cat left a headless gopher on her pillow when we lived in California. Let the record show that I have ADMITTED to screaming like a girl...ONCE!


Susan said...

Goodnight air. Goodnight noises everywhere. Goodnight you fucking bat with wings and God Help Me if I EVER FIND A HEADLESS MOLE OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Belle said...


Maelstrom said...

Shouldn't you scream like a girl every time you scream? What do your screams normally sound like?