Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I LOVE Being the Evil Step-Monster!

The BEST thing about being the Evil Step-Monster?!?!
Oh, getting the ROTTEN Step-Spawn up at 6:45 AM (yes, I did the Evil Maleficent Laugh - HAD to!!!)
See, we moved at the beginning of February to a bigger house, had to - we inherited 2 more kids over 2 years. So this new house has got a hole in the wall on the inside AND out. The BAD thing (this is where I should have photos, but I don't) the hole on the inside was covered with an aluminum pie plate (with a clock face...I SWEAR!). The ouside...just the pie plate, but its painted to match the color of the house.
This morning the landlord is sending someone out to fix the hole in the walls...I got to get the ROTTEN Step-Spawn up out of the bed to straighten up just in case landlord comes over right after dawn.
Now I just hope it gets done...otherwise Hubby will be TOTALLY pissed! hehehehehehe!


Pearl said...

Delightful. Waking unruly children at that time of day is one of the adult pleasures that no one bothers to mention.

Maelstrom said...

WTB pictures of pie plate clock!