Monday, June 21, 2010


I am proud to admit, I LOVE Miley Cyrus! This is one girl that I don’t mind my 13 year old daughter to look up to. Note to those who think I’m a bad mom because of that last sentence: I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK OR SAY – THAT IS MY OPINION AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT – GET THE HELL OFF MY BLOG!

Now, I told my daughter that when Miley’s new CD/DVD combo comes out – I’m getting it…FOR ME! That’s right, people…a 37 yr old woman is buying Miley Cyrus stuff for herself! Miley has been getting a LOT of criticism for the way she dresses and the way she dances…geez, people! Get off her case! Yes, she’s 17 – but she’s no different than any other teen pop princess that has shed her little girl image. Yes, people think ‘Oh she’s gonna be just like Britney or Lindsay’… to those people I say ‘Get a FREAKING life already!’

I recorded the Friday Good Morning America segment that she was on (which she ROCKED), then the Regis and Kelly and then that night (last Friday) I recorded the Live from the O2 concert in London. I was CRYING while I watched it…I actually feel BAD for this girl! She’s giving everything she has to her fans and you can see how much they love her! I saw little girls being held up by their daddy’s and the daddy’s were singing right along! This girl stormed into our lives as an 11 yr old girl on Hannah Montana and we’ve all watched her grow up on that show. Now, she wants to get out of the mold that Disney put her in and everyone expects her to just STAY Hannah Montana? I don’t think so!

People say ‘Where are her Parents?’…uh, right behind the stage watching their daughter mesmerize fans and being SO proud of her! Let me ask you parents something…if you had the means and opportunity to; wouldn’t you do EVERYTHING in your power to help your child realize their dreams? If so, how are you any different than the Cyrus parents? They have the means to make sure ALL their children get to realize their dreams AND they're making sure that they live happy, meaningful lives.

My daughter wants to go to Hollyweird and be an actress. If I had the money, I’d do EVERYTHING I could to help her! As it is, she’s stuck in this little town until she’s 18…or she graduates high school (whichever comes first). I have told her for her graduation present I’d take her to Hollywood and help her as much as I can to get into the ‘business’. I know being an actress is hard. No, I’ve never been one, but my dream as a child was to be an actress as well. No, my daughter doesn’t want Hollywood for me – it’s all her idea. I’ve tried telling her how awful the business is, how horrible people can be to an actress and how she’ll have to always be ‘good’ because of the paparazzi…she doesn’t care – she wants this! If my child wants to be an actress, I’m not gonna stop her – I’ll pray for her and wish her the best and be there for her when things get ugly. I don’t think Miley is a BAD role model for girls, I just hope when my daughter takes Hollyweird by storm, she takes things in stride and with a grain of salt.

The people who criticize others have nothing else to do in their lives and they enjoy knocking people down. The words hurt and they’re mean, but Miley laughs it off. Her critics don’t really ‘know’ her (of course, neither do I) and yet they say harsh and ugly things about her. Have they SEEN the way she is with her fans?! She LOVES them and they LOVE her! Miley Cyrus as a brand is different from Miley Cyrus the person. My daughter and I have ALWAYS talked about why people talk bad about others, why people criticize others…they’re mean and don’t like people (that’s what she came up with).

When Eminem first came out – oh, he was such a BAD guy…his lyrics talked about him wanting to kill his wife or rape his mom. Yes, those lyrics were not very good ones, but if you LISTEN to his words he’s talking about pain and heartache. When my sister-in-law gave me ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ there was a collective gasp from the family members, because they’d heard Eminem was a BAD guy and his lyrics were the devil…whatever people, he’s a fricken artist! Needless to say, I LOVE Eminem as well. I’ve got most of his CD’s and the things he does with lyrics is AMAZING!!! It doesn’t hurt that he’s exactly one week older than I am and FINE as all get out! I’ve told my children that the way Eminem expresses himself may not be in the way anyone else would, but that doesn’t mean he’s a BAD person.

The way actors and singers are on stage, doesn’t mean that’s how they are in real life. If you don’t like the way Miley is dressing now – don’t buy her stuff, don’t watch her videos! She seems like a very grounded girl and I wouldn’t mind her being my daughters friend. Her parents seem to be VERY proud of her and her fans LOVE her. I LOVE MILEY CYRUS, EMINEM AND BRET MICHAELS!!! If you don’t like my blog, get off it!