Wednesday, December 3, 2008

OOPS! My bad!

I haven't been keeping up with this blog...NOT good! I can't say that I haven't had anything to talk about because I have, I've just been lazy.

I started a new job Monday. I'm no longer working in IT (Information Technology), I'm now working with the Division of Disease Control. It's different, but kinda the same. I've got a new boss, new cube (went from an office with a window to a small cube) and a new building. I miss my co-workers from IT...I guess because they know me and love me just the way I am...crazy and all.

Things on the home front are good. Middle Child has changed his attitude at school, which is VERY helpful. He was getting blues and oranges (a color system when the children misbehave in class) for a WHILE, but he's gotten better (almost all greens lately). I was beginning to think he had a disorder or something...he'd get angry over nothing, especially school stuff. Hubby thought it was a good thing, I of course didn't. Middle Child's teacher agreed with me...I don't think he has ADD or ADHD or any of the other alphabet acronyms they have. I've got to talk to his doctor, maybe see if there's a test or something he can take.

Youngest Child is doing well, as usual. I think he's going to be my brain child. He reminds me so much of my youngest brother it isn't funny. He's SO smart its scary, I just hope I can keep him in school long enough to graduate. Youngest Bro dropped out and never went back. I don't want Youngest Child to be like smart he gets bored in school, but what's a parent to do?

Girl Child (she's the only girl with 4 brothers...2 older and 2 younger) is going to end up with her head shaved! I remember being an 11 (ALMOST 12) year old girl...Did I drive my mother crazy like she's doing with me? Of course NOT!!! If you ask my mother she'll say yes, so lets just keep that between us, OK? Anyhoo...Girl Child has gotten into the eye roll, sigh thing now and its going to get her into SO much trouble! She doesn't realize (NONE of our children do) that mom and dad were kids too and the stuff we tried to get away with, THEY won't be able to either!

Yesterday Hubby and I had a doctors appointment so we went and got the kiddies early from school. Hubby's been trying to embarrass Girl Child for quite some time now...hehehehe, I let Hubby go into the office and sign Girl Child out. He told the ladies in the office that he was going to embarrass the Girl and they said, "OK". So he puts his hat on sideways and started making noises as soon as she walked into the office. The office ladies laughed...she didn't.

I do have to say...our children have senses of humor, of course how can they not with who their parents are? They have dark, sick humors...again, you can't expect any less because of who their parents are. Hubby and I have very weird sense of humor, but at least we know how to laugh and make each other laugh. We don't have a stick up our asses and we laugh together.