Tuesday, April 20, 2010

UPDATE and Other Random Stuff

Working where I work is AWESOME! That whole birth certificate thing I was stressing over yesterday? Well, I told my boss that I might have to drive with Hubs to Texas (this was BEFORE we realized Step-Spawn could drive) and would need a couple of days off to do it...she got on the phone to her husband and asked what she could do...he gave her a number for someone who apparently is a magician. I got an e-mail yesterday at 4pm saying that the certificate was in Fed-Ex and we should get it today...we got his birth certificate today!!!!

HAPPY 420 Day ya'll!!! Yes, I know its illegal but its cool to say! If you're not 'hip' {snort - like I am SO freaking hip!!! LOL} you may not know what 420 stands for. 420 is code for pot. And according to Huffington Post it started in the 70's in California...SHOCKING isn't it?!?!?!

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm NOT Driving!

Guess who gets to drive ALL the way to Austin, Texas this week? No - NOT me! (see headline).

Apparently there's this new law that you have to have your birth certificate and your social security card to renew your license in my great state...only problem? Hubby was born in Texas and he doesn't have his birth certificate.

We sent the money to Austin to have them end us a copy of it...they won't get to his request until sometime next week because they're 6-8 weeks behind on their requests. Another problem? Hubs NEEDS his license to work. He's a truck driver with a CDL, he brings home the money AND the bacon - I just fry the latter in a pan. Without his job we'd be homeless...

SO...unless my boss can work magic in the next 24 hours, Hubs is driving 871.70 miles and 13hrs 44 minutes to get his birth certificate. His dad was going to drive out with him, to help...then he couldn't. I was asked and said yes, but I'm taking NEXT Tuesday off for Earth Day field trip with our 4th grader.

Obviously we're not the brightest bulbs in the pack becaue neither one of us thought of the OTHER driver we have in the house...Step-Spawn to the rescue! So now, hubs and Step-Spawn are driving out to Austin tomorrow afternoon and hopefully by Thursday he'll have a valid license and his job still.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed that what we need my boss can help us with. Apparently her husband is the Vital Records Guru and knows people who know people who might be able to get it here quicker, because according to him (and I quote) "Texas is just weird"...because they wouldn't fax a copy over to me and WON'T do anything until next week...Keep 'em crossed people!

P.S. The views of other people are NOT mine! Personally, I think EVERYONE is weird, some just WAY more than others!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I LOVE Being A Woman...

But I HATE being female! 20-25 days out of the month, I'm normal (or whatever passes for normal these days) but the OTHER 5-10 days...I'm a FREAKING EMOTIONAL WRECK!!!

I do NOT cry over every little thing
I do NOT have the top of my head pop off for a minor infraction (for example: Step-Spawn NOT making tea before he goes to bed even AFTER dad has told him to - therefore NO tea in the mornings for younger brother Spawn to have with breakfast {I KNOW they should probably be drinking juice or something healthy - sue me!})
I do NOT want to slaughter every person on the road getting in my way as I go to work.
I'm a half way pleasant person

I DO cry over every little thing (even squirrels dead on the highway)
The top of my head blows COMPLETELY off over EVERYTHING!
I want more than anything the idiot who cut me off to get something VERY nasty and crap himself at work...

Here's the thing: Last night I woke up CRYING my eyes out over a bad dream that involved my daughter. I know, mother's intuition is a strong thing and I DO listen to mine. I called my mom {EVERYONE knows that NO good can come from a phone call in the middle of the night}. She didn't answer - her sleep meds. No big, I texted her and said I was just a little worried about Katie. The FREAKING EMOTIONAL WRECK (FEW) side of me wouldn't let me sleep. The dream kept playing over and over in my head and it kept getting worse!

When Katie was born the doc was in a hurry to start her vacation and put one of those vacuum things on Katie's head (she was stuck), put BOTH feet at the end of my bed and yanked...hard...twice! The thing slipped off her head both times and now she has a mark on her head. Her pediatrician at the time thought it looked a little wrong, so he had it biopsied when she was 18 months old.

THAT place didn't use anything to numb it and yanked an inch of this thing out of her head...then they couldn't get it to stop bleeding...NICE!!! Anyway, she's had this birthmark on her head and its been fine...until the other day when Katie came to me and said it was itching. I lifted her mane of hair and yes, the spot was a little red. It wasn't feverish, but it did itch a little.

THAT was what started the dream. It wasn't a pleasant one, obviously. This dream kept playing in my head and getting worse and worse! I was freaking CRYING my eyes out over something that I THOUGHT about! See why I HATE being female? At about 2AM the RATIONAL part of my brain had finally had enough! It bitch slapped the FEW side and said: "That spot is probably irritated because she recently colored her hair...RED!! You stoopid moron! Now quit the freaking crying and let us get some sleep!"

See?!?!?! When I'm rational and actually THINK about things, I know she's fine and nothing is gonna happen to her. If there was something wrong, my mom would've called me in a heartbeat! Katie called at 6:30 this morning. As soon as I heard her, "Hey, Mommy" I knew everything was OK. The FEW side of me? Yeah - she was crying in a corner until I talked to Katie.

The moral of the story: don't let your kids out of your sight when you're being 'FEMALE'!