Friday, April 24, 2009

THIS Is Why I *Heart* My Family...

So yesterday was Hubby's 40th birthday. A girlfriend of ours came over last night and brought him a cake. They decided to wear it...I took this picture in my bathroom last night, they were trying to wash it off...Too funny!
We also had a chours thingie for my 3rd grader. I've always known every one of my children are hams, they get it honest because I was all about the attention I'd get when I was silly growing up. So, last night Middle Child had a performance in a musical the 4th and 5th graders were doing - he was in the intermediate chorus...Fair warning...he's a ham! But I love him and the musical was AWESOME!

The last kid isn't mine, but he was doing the part of Elvis and he's ADORABLE!

Friday, April 17, 2009

New York City - 2006

I grew up in two very small towns. Valley Center, CA and Macon, GA. When we lived in California I HATED going to LA, it was too big, there are too many people, too much...When we lived in Georgia I HATED driving upto or in Atlanta. The traffic is AWFUL! So when I grow up and my husband and I decide to go somewhere special for our 10th wedding anniversary because we didn't really have a honeymoon where do I decide we need to go? Why one of the BIGGEST cities in the WORLD!

The buildings, the noise, the people, (except for the police - I met a couple that were DOUCHEBAGS!), were SO nice! They snickered at me because even though I can't hear it, apparently I have a BIG southern accent...hmmm

We got there on a Sunday and as our plane was taxing into JFK I dream of coming to NYC was a reality, only difference? I was YEARS older and very cynical. We had a room in the 'Lullaby of Broadway', The Milford Plaza.

Monday our 'tour guide' Sammy took us to the Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center Towers, I have to say I've never been so moved.

Tuesday we goofed around the city and got lost in Central Park (don't ask me how because we STILL don't know!), but we enjoyed ourselves. We even found our way out right at the bottom of the steps to the Museum of Natural History

But Wednesday was our anniversary and we had tickets to The Phantom of the Opera, but FIRST we did the 3 hour tour around Manhattan

Of course since it WAS our 10th anniversary and we were in NYC seeing The Phantom, I had to buy a dress because I wanted this to be memorable for the both of us...

Thursday we goofed around some more, but not as much because we were starting to get sick. The weather was 10 degrees colder than normal.
Friday we walked around Wall Street again and....Get ready, Belle...Here's the pic you've ALL been waiting for...

Don't I look SO thrilled? Needless to say, we fell in LOVE with NYC! When our spawn FINALLY move out Hubby and I are pulling up roots and moving to the Big Apple - I can't WAIT!!! I have a feeling that when we take the Spawn up there in 2011 they'll fall in love with it too.
Marinka, when you see me running down 5th Ave with my hair on fire you'll know I brought the Spawn with me.
Ok, so I guess I don't have the Philly pics. I grabbed the wrong memory card...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Since Belle is Waiting...

Hubby and I had to go to Pennsylvania to take care of some business...we live in Florida. We drove from Florida to Pennsylvania, just the two of us. I have to say - we had a good time. Hubby drives a truck for a living so he knew his way around the interstates and didn't get us lost! We drove thru Atlanta. I grew up in Macon, GA so I know about the driving in Atlanta...I rode the whole way thru with my eyes closed.
We drove thru Tennessee, got our oil changed...woo-hoo
We drove thru a couple more states, but by this time I was DONE! I got engrossed in my book and let the miles fly by. We were supposed to go to Gettysburg (because I LOVE history), but didn't have time.
By Saturday we were in Philly. Yea, Philly! We had an AWESOME Philly Cheese steak from Pat's, I got a new coffee mug and a tiny version of the Declaration. I wanted to see Independence Hall, but the fuckers obviously didn't know it was ME that wanted in and decided to adhere to the posted hours of operation...all the tours were sold out. I mean SERIOUSLY don't you people have anything better to do? Yes, EVERYTHING is about ME...unless its not.
While we were in Philly Hubby wanted to see the Rocky statue...UGH! You know, its bad enough that that man took pictures of me beside the ASS END of the Wall Street Bull two years ago - now he wants a picture of me with ROCKY?!?!?! I don't think so! We never did find the Rocky statue (THANK GOD!), but unfortunately we did find a Rocky cut out...guess who got their picture taken with it? I don't have the pictures with me right now, but I'll post them later...
Needless to say, we enjoyed our little road trip. I even drove from outside Atlanta to Tally...Hubby is a control freak when it comes to driving, I think its because he's a 'professional'. We left Pennsylvania at 9am Monday morning...we got home at 6am Tuesday morning...I think my body is still getting over the drive...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Its Been A While...

I haven't been ignoring my blog - I've been out of town since last Thursday. Had some family business to take care of. Tonight I have to 'help' Middle Child' with a Science Fair Project that's due tomorrow. What?! Yes, I've had PLENTY of time to do, er....I mean HELP WITH, the project - I've just been lazy, er...BUSY!!!
So, Hubby and I had to go to Pennsylvania for some business in Lock Haven. No, I don't know where that is...its in the FREAKING mountians! We couldn't get a cell signal to save our LIVES! I guess its a good thing our lives weren't in danger...
So, I'll blog again in a few days...BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!