Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Mother's Worry

I have an appointment Monday to get Ryan re-evaluated by a child psychologist. There is an Autism place here in Tally (Tallahassee) that can help me get Ryan what he needs, but according to the in-take person he DOESN'T have Asperger's...I am at the point where I want to pull ALL my hair out, which would NOT make me look any younger, but I know that in order to get my point across that Ry DOES have Asperger's and he DOES need help I have to be the squeeky wheel...I HATE being the squeeky wheel!

I want to get Ry into a program that doesn't cost a bagillion dollars - cuz this working mom doesn't HAVE it! Yes, I have insurance thru the State agency that I work for, but having to come up with the co-pays is TOUGH! The Autism place has counseling and group meetings that I think would help, not just Ry - but US as a family. Keep your fingers crossed that I can FINALLY get the answers and help that I need for my son....WITHOUT major blood shed or me ending up on the 9th floor of the hospital here in town...

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Pearl said...

I will cross my fingers for you.

And if you have to squeak, girl, you do it!!