Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quick Post - NOT Written By Me

My oldest son, Ryan, had an essay to write about a relationship he has with one of his grandparents. He has 2 that he's close to, my husband's dad and my mom - he chose my mom. His teacher picked 3 essays to go into the contest for a $50.00 savings bond and one of them is Ryan's. I thought I'd share with you what he wrote.

On a side note, I WILL be posting some updates VERY soon! I have a LOT of voices in my head that need to get out - I just haven't gotten them straight yet. Anyway, here's Ryan's essay, I hope you enjoy it:

An Awesome Grandmother

When I was born on June 30th, 1999 my Grandma was the only one in the room with my mom when I was born. My dad was out of town. He’d left and my mom went to work. Dad drove an 18 wheeler and my mom worked at a real T.V. Station. My grandma stayed with my mom for 6 hours after I was born, just so she could see me before she went to work.
I am my grandmother’s oldest grandson. She was the first one to hold me even before my own mother! We lived right next door to my grandma for a while after I was born. She kept telling me the nicest things through my entire childhood. One was that she fell in love with my blue eyes and my blond hair, just like my mom’s (my face is identical as my mom’s face).
My grandma is really special to me because she’s fun, dedicated to her grandbabies, is an amazing cook (She won first place in three baking competitions), she’s kind to other people and she always tries to find the best way to treat her grandkids when they come to visit her. Sometimes I get to go to her house in Madison, Florida occasionally. Every time I go, I make sure to help her with my baby cousins, Katelyn and Kapri. She likes the stories I make up and the pictures I draw her. My grandma. She always thinks my imagination is really amazing. She tells me she has never seen anything that amazing and or beautiful in her entire life. That’s why I think about her every day for all my life. She is sweet and incredible to me and to my big sister, Katy and my little brother Brad. They both are treated the same way as me and they love her the very same way that I love her.

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Susan said...

Well, fine then, Ryan. Make me cry AND yearn to be a grandmother. That's just sick. Congratulations on writing a beautiful essay and having someone recognize your talent and amazing imagination. And making a middle age woman who never cries, cry. Sick, I tell you. And fantastic.