Friday, December 10, 2010

2 Minutes With My Family...

Ok, so last Saturday Craig and I decided that it'd be fun and nice to take the rotten spawnage somewhere to eat - a restaurant. Craig works Saturday mornings, so we were taking them for lunch. I'd told the kids to be ready when Daddy got home. I'd taken a shower, gotten dressed and had decided to let Craig take an hour nap, cuz he works from like 2AM until 7PM Monday-Friday and from 2AM-12PM on Saturday - he was TIRED!

When Craig got up from his nap, we were ready to go...or so I is what happened in the 2 minutes right before we walked out the door. Keep in mind - that I am ready (I'm usually the last one dressed and ready to go, this time I was first!)

Katy: "Mom, do you know where my hair thingie is?"

Ryan: "Mom, can you help find me a pair of socks?"

Brad: "Mom, do you know where a long sleeved shirt is?"

Craig: " Crys, do I have a pair of clean jeans?"

I'd gotten everything everyone asked for and then asked: " Why does everyone ask ME where THEIR stuff is?"

The answer from my family: "You're the MOM - you're supposed to know where everything is"

UGH!!! They are 13 (K), 11 (R), 9 (B) and 41 (C) and yet I'M the one they ask where their stuff is!!!! Trying to teach them to be independent and clean up after themselves is NOT what I signed up for! The kids were SUPPOSED to stay little and NOT grow up! I don't know WHAT happened to Craig, but I guess I've got to train him too! Being the ONLY 'grown up' in my house is disausting. (yes, that IS a word - just ask VodkaMom)

Oh, well! I guess they'll EVENTUALLY get it - but I'm not holding my breath. I LOVE my family, really!

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