Tuesday, April 20, 2010

UPDATE and Other Random Stuff

Working where I work is AWESOME! That whole birth certificate thing I was stressing over yesterday? Well, I told my boss that I might have to drive with Hubs to Texas (this was BEFORE we realized Step-Spawn could drive) and would need a couple of days off to do it...she got on the phone to her husband and asked what she could do...he gave her a number for someone who apparently is a magician. I got an e-mail yesterday at 4pm saying that the certificate was in Fed-Ex and we should get it today...we got his birth certificate today!!!!

HAPPY 420 Day ya'll!!! Yes, I know its illegal but its cool to say! If you're not 'hip' {snort - like I am SO freaking hip!!! LOL} you may not know what 420 stands for. 420 is code for pot. And according to Huffington Post it started in the 70's in California...SHOCKING isn't it?!?!?!

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Susan said...

Congrats on the birth certificate but mostly THANK YOU for explaining 420 to me. I've been feeling really stupid and now I feel only somewhat stupid.