Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm NOT Driving!

Guess who gets to drive ALL the way to Austin, Texas this week? No - NOT me! (see headline).

Apparently there's this new law that you have to have your birth certificate and your social security card to renew your license in my great state...only problem? Hubby was born in Texas and he doesn't have his birth certificate.

We sent the money to Austin to have them end us a copy of it...they won't get to his request until sometime next week because they're 6-8 weeks behind on their requests. Another problem? Hubs NEEDS his license to work. He's a truck driver with a CDL, he brings home the money AND the bacon - I just fry the latter in a pan. Without his job we'd be homeless...

SO...unless my boss can work magic in the next 24 hours, Hubs is driving 871.70 miles and 13hrs 44 minutes to get his birth certificate. His dad was going to drive out with him, to help...then he couldn't. I was asked and said yes, but I'm taking NEXT Tuesday off for Earth Day field trip with our 4th grader.

Obviously we're not the brightest bulbs in the pack becaue neither one of us thought of the OTHER driver we have in the house...Step-Spawn to the rescue! So now, hubs and Step-Spawn are driving out to Austin tomorrow afternoon and hopefully by Thursday he'll have a valid license and his job still.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed that what we need my boss can help us with. Apparently her husband is the Vital Records Guru and knows people who know people who might be able to get it here quicker, because according to him (and I quote) "Texas is just weird"...because they wouldn't fax a copy over to me and WON'T do anything until next week...Keep 'em crossed people!

P.S. The views of other people are NOT mine! Personally, I think EVERYONE is weird, some just WAY more than others!


Marla said...

Ek... That's stinky to the extreme. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it all works out correctly. :)

Marla @

Susan said...

That is just twisted!! And I agree...all people are weird. Hoping it works out but, if not, hoping for their safe travel. It's not on the way but they can stay with me...