Thursday, October 1, 2009

ONE Of Us Will Be Dead (or Grey) By The Time She's 18

One of us won't make it to her 18th birthday and since I'm WAY past 18, it's gonna be her...maybe.

Everyone who knows my family, knows that my kids are good kids. Girl Child has tested my resolve in that regard, but you know what? We're gonna be fine! I'll have a head full of grey hair by then but it'll be OK, right?

Hubs and I brought her into our room and pulled up what she'd done wrong. I told her that she could have a MySpace page when she was 13 but there were rules. I found her MySpace page the other night...she's 12. We told her we weren't mad, but she'd broken a rule. We asked for, and got, her email address and password for her MySpace page. We looked at her page...I thought we'd find some smutty, older girl stuff...WHEW!!!

NOTHING like that was on her page! HUGE (inner) sigh of relief. We're letting her keep the page up, but we have the password and will know if she gets back on before her restrictions are up.

We explained to her that we weren't really TRYING to ruin her life or embarrass her, but GOOD parents did that. GOOD parents protected their children from the monsters lurking under the bed or on the Internet. We know where she goes, who she goes with, how long she's staying and that a parent will be there at ALL times. We protect her as much as we can from the outside world, but when she's on the Internet she's letting them into our house and the only way Daddy and I can protect her from them is to actually SEE what's she's doing.

I hope we got our point across...she knows I have friends that can and WILL find whatever she's doing on the computer. I've scared her with moving her away from her friends and threatened (promised) her eviction from her room, I'm doing the best I can to raise a strong woman, but she HAS to slow down and enjoy being a kid for a little while longer. I know she'll be grown before I can blink, but for now I get to hold on to my little girl. I Love You, Girl Child...more than you know, but when you have your first child you'll know that love first hand.

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