Wednesday, October 14, 2009


UPDATE: My WONDERFUL mother found the website for me!!! They have BEAUTIFUL sterling silver jewelry and its CHEAP!!!! Check it out:

I will be closer to 40 Monday...

I am looking for a jewelry store in Charleston, South Carolina. This place is on Market Street and sells the prettiest silver jewelry and its CHEAP!!! $20 for a sand dollar pendant/necklace. They fix the jewelry for FREE!!! I've had my pendant and chain for YEARS and its broken twice...this time I can't find the freaking address to send it back to get it fixed!

I know, I can hear you rolling your eyes and asking, "Why don't you just drive to Charleston and get it fixed over a weekend?" You'd think it was that easy! But see, there's this witch that lives in Mt. Pleasant that I can't STAND!!! Yes, Charleston is a big city and Mt. Pleasant is just a bridge away...the problem? There is NO state in the union that is big enough for the two of us. The WITCH that I'm talking about is Hubs ex...I really don't like her.

It has NOTHING to do with the fact she called me fat when I was pregnant with our first child ("You know, CSY, you don't look pregnant - just fat"*) {I almost slapped the caked on blue and pink eye shadow from the 80's right off her ugly face}, or the fact that every time their oldest did something wrong she called Hubs...WHAT IN THE HELL is he supposed to do 300 miles away? SHE'S the one who let them get away with murder...but I digress...

ANYHOO!!! I'm searching high and low looking for this jewelry store. ALL over the Internet. It would help if I could find the business card that had their web-site on it. It would also help if I could remember the name of the store...

It sucks getting old!

*It bugged the HELL out of her that I was 3 times skinnier than her when I met Hubs. She was just mad that I could still see my toes!!!

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