Tuesday, February 10, 2009

T&T OAESP - Part Duex

UGH!!! I freaking HATE my school district!
I FINALLY got Middle Child to STOP freaking out over everything his teacher asked him to do (please see Trials & Tribulation of an Elementary School Parent below) and he's enjoying learning now. Yes, I do work miracles THAT fast...that and the threat of military school if he didn't straighten his ass out works WONDERS!!!
We moved last weekend into a bigger house (I swear I'll blog about that later) and the kids LOVE it! Unfortunately the school zone we moved into is NOT for the school they go to now. OK I say to myself (yes, I talk to myself - you wanna make something of it? didn't think so...moving on) no big deal - we have School Choice in our county. Yeah!!!! This means that if you don't want your kids to go to a school that has razor wire on top of the 12 foot fence, you can. Right?
EXCEPT when the school your children go to was built over the summer. Apparently the school is SO full that even the students zoned for that school can't even go to it. FUCKING SCHOOL DISTRICTS!!!! Needless to say - I HATE MY SCHOOL ZONE!!!
I'm going to try to send the boys to the school they went to 2 years ago...I probably should have had them stay there in the first place, but I was trying to to the RIGHT thing by my boys!
Holy Hell! A mother can't even do the RIGHT thing anymore! If my kids didn't need to eat, I'd home school them in a heart beat!


Susan said...

No good deed goes unpunished and all that shit. I think we ought to take your husband's ex and my "anonymous" and lock them in a closet together.

Thanks for your comments on my blog!You love me, you really love me!!!

Maelstrom said...

All your school related posts are bumming me out, because I know exactly what you're dealing with. You aren't the only one. We'll get through it though, everyone else does, we can too.

CSY said...

UGH! Yes, I know I'll get thru this - but DAMN!!! I'm sorry for the bummage, will try not to let it happen again - notice I didn't promise? Cause if you promise something you should always do it...according to my mom anyway.

Braja said...

Hey CSY nice to meet you :))