Friday, February 13, 2009

I LOVE living in a college town...

ring, ring....Hello? (Queen Goob)

Do you know the BEST thing about living in a college town?

Uh, Let me guess...this has something to do with your phone call about Cougars, right?


I don't know, CSY - tell me...

The BEST thing about living in a college town is that you can be driving down the street minding your own business and BAM! You see man meat running down the road in shorts and no shirt! (The drool was making it hard to drive)

Man meat...NICE!!!

Being a woman who enjoys the male body, its impossible NOT to look when a fit guy is running down the road without his shirt on. All I could do was growl in my throat...can you imagine what any red blooded American woman wouldn't be drooling over a nice bod? I understand now why Hubby likes to drive home from work thru the college (he's looking at all the girls, but WHATEVA!) during the spring.
The warm weather definitely brings out the beast, I mean best! Of course when Hubby asked why my eyes were glazed over and I was still drooling when I got home - I had to tell him about Mr. Hardbody Runner. He says he doesn't get why women have to objectify men like that...they have feelings too! They weren't put on this earth just to amuse you Missy!
O.K...first off, the name isn't Missy! Secondly, I don't want to even HEAR how my drooling over a half naked man is objectifying men...its been done to WOMEN FOREVER, buddy! Besides, if I wasn't supposed to look - I would've been blind! He tells me (as his shoulders are shaking from holding in the laughter) that I'm worse than ANY man and I should be ashamed!
Well, I'm NOT!!! If Mr. Hardbody Runner didn't want people looking at him, wearing his shorts and no shirt, he should use my treadmill...Hey, Queenie - can I borrow your treadmill for a while?
I LOVE living in a college town!
P.S. I posed this question to Queenie and she didn't I'm posing it to whoever else may read this nonsense...What is the age difference between a man and a woman to be considered a cougar? Anyone?


Mandy said...

As I'll NEVER be old enough to be considered a cougar, I have no idea!

Although . . .The things I could do to . . .uh, with . . .a 20 year old boy make me blush. snicker . . .

Queen Goob said...

Honey? You will be a cougar no matter HOW old the guy is.


And tell hubbie it is our job as a concerned parent to check these guys out for our daughters.

Never mind, don't tell him that.

Queen Goob said...

Oh, I didn't answer.

One day.