Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have had the hots for Jeff Probst since I first saw him on Rock'n'Roll Jeopardy. I have wanted to be on Survivor since it frist came out. I've watched this 'Lord of the Flies' show since its beginning. I have been disappointed in more than one season, but have been a loyal fan.

I laughed my ASS off when Sue told Kellie that "the snake should eat the rat" and Rich Hatch won the fist million dollars. I watched Dreamz royally screw YaoMan with the truck. I cried my eyes out when Boston Rob asked Amber to marry him and she said YES!!! I watched that TRAMP Julie lure Jeff away with her I 'heart' Jeff 'tattoo' that she made with the war paint in Vanautu (yes, my spelling SUX - deal with it!), but I let that go because eventually Jeff would notice that I have the hots for him and would come crawling back to me...I fell head over heels for a rough pirate named Rupert, lost all sense of reason when a chisled James made me want to get into gravedigging, shouted at the TV when Parvarti broke James' heart (no big, James - I got your back) because she's a Georgia girl like me, rooted for JT to win and hoped he was ok when his tooth got knocked out (little dude kept playing!!!) and (I HATE to admit this) actually ended up liking a little troll named Russell.

I started reading the blog Jeff writes after the episode airs and I'm more than a little disturbed at the trend I've noticed. It would be WONDERFUL if Jeff read this post and emailed me and said, "No, Crystal your view of what's been going on with your favorite reality series is all in your head." Alas, I have to just face the facts...real people aren't the Survisors anymore.

I don't know WHEN it happened, but I'm thinking it was sometime either after Stephenie's whole tribe was decimated or even as recently as Survivor 16...but the cast started looking too pretty. THEN I started reading the comments from Jeff's blog and I was STUNNED...the people chosen to play Survivor are ACTORS, ACTRESSES or even people the PRODUCERS know!!! Color me stupid! But I STILL love Survivor!

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