Friday, March 12, 2010

The Time Has Come...

You see that beautiful girl in the photos above? That’s my Katie…she’s 13 today and I’m a complete wreck! I was 24 when I had her and I was scared out of my mind! My mom and husband were in the delivery room with me, making sure I was breathing and trying not to scream. When the doc pulled her out I looked between her legs to make sure she was a girl, because even though I had 3 sonograms I could NEVER tell what she was – her hands were covering herself or she was turned on her back. At first glance I thought she was a boy…things were swollen and I was drugged – leave me alone!

But when they put her tiny body in my arms, my heart melted when I looked into her blue eyes. I kissed her tiny heart shaped lips and gave her her name…Rachel Katheryn. Rachel because I love the story of Rachel and Jacob in the Bible (yes, I DO read the Bible…shuudup) and Katheryn for my mother.

Knowing I was putting this post up I asked her Daddy to tell me how he felt knowing he was having another baby and then knowing she was a girl…this is what he said…Of course I was scared! I knew having a little girl was going to be different in the way I raised her and how I watch over her and protect her. And it didn’t help my cause her growing into the most beautiful female ever created

Well said Daddy, well said.

Katie – you’re growing into a beautiful young woman and I don’t like it! I can’t stop it! But then again, I don’t want to. Yes, you aggravate the holy SHIT outta your brothers and you make me wonder sometimes if you’re human and not an alien, but then I watch you take up for some wrong that happened to Ryan or even Brad and I know that you’re being the best big sister you know how.

13 was a TOUGH year for me. I don’t want it to be for you, but you have to start taking responsibility for your actions. The school situation is going to get better – you’re GOING to do what you need to, to make sure I don’t come sit in with you – because you KNOW I will! You have so many dreams and things you want to do, things you wanna see. I want to share ALL of that with you! I want your dreams to come true! I want you to be successful in ANYTHING you do! But your education is NON-NEGOTIABLE!

Being a teenager is fun and knowing you’re getting closer to being able to get a job and make your own way in the world is exciting. Do me a favor? Savor your youth. Have fun being a kid! QUIT GROWING UP SO DAMN FAST!!!

I love you, my girl! We’re going to have a TOUGH row to hoe these next few years. I can’t promise we won’t get into screaming matches. I can’t promise that you won’t be grounded for your grades. I can’t promise that Daddy and I won’t be angry with you for something…but I CAN promise that no matter what, we’ll always LOVE YOU! You are my first born and my only daughter; I want our relationship to be different. It won’t be, but a mother can dream – can’t she?

Loving you is so easy…most of the time. I know when we tell you to do something you roll your eyes and suck your teeth, but we’re not beating you, we’re not starving you and you even have clean clothes and a bed to sleep in at night. You have a good life, you may hate it at times when you can’t do what you want – but you do have a good life. I want that to continue, so remember…to make it to 14 all you have to do is:

1) Keep your grades above a D
2) Keep your room clean
3) Do your chores when you’re told

I love you and I can’t WAIT to see Alice and have dinner with you and Lacy tonight. I'll have a little more to post on Monday - something from the rest of our family.

I Love You, Lil' Bit!!!


country mouse said...

LOVE that last photo of you two--especially her rolling her eyes : )

This post made me smile *huge* and made me a little teary eyed too. My daughter and I had a couple rough years as she was figuring out who she was and how to be different from me (yeah--that didn't work--she's pretty much a carbon copy of me : ) And now we have a really fantastic relationship and are very close friends (she's 22.) I wish the same for you and your girl. It will eventually happen : )

Susan said...

Happy Birthday, lucky girl!!!!

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

congratulations!! But I am so terrified of becoming a mother to teenagers that I'm not sure I feel reeely happy for you! Forgive me!!

Wendi said...

Wonderful post. Happy belated bday to your sweet girl.

Queen Goob said...

In three and a half weeks mine will be 17 and 18 respectively. I will have a little (or not so little) man of the house.