Monday, September 28, 2009

Lil Bit O' Randomness

As I sit here this LOVELY Monday afternoon, I realize...I have NOTHING to write about! I mean, I have things on my mind and I have worries, but nothing to share...

Hubs and I had a 'date night' Saturday, it went...well! HEHEHEHE! We met some new people and gained some new friends, which is ALWAYS fun! Got a little more than drunk, Mommy Not Daddy - he was the DD. You know, I've NEVER had a hangover...the worst I got Sunday was a I wanted to sleep...and I needed MORE coffee!!!!

Girl Child is grounded, has been for the last 2 weeks - she has 2 more left. I don't ask for much when it comes to my kids. I know what they are capable of in school...needless to say, Girl Child came home with 3 F's on her progress report 2 weeks ago. My jaw hit the floor! I talked to her, sent some e-mails to the teachers (little hint: kids HATE it when parents are in CONSTANT contact with it - just to bug 'em!) and decided to meet with the teachers on Friday...Girl Child brought her grade up from a F to a B in 2 class periods!

Yes, my child is lazy...they ALL are, but they get it honest. I had a talk with her in front of her teachers and expressed my disbelief. I don't care if they bring home B's or C's...the D's and F's - NOT gonna happen! Girl Child has spoiled me, she has thru her entire school career brought home A's - THAT'S what I expect because I know THAT'S what she can do!

I was going to take her door off her bedroom, but the hinges and pin thingy are sealed shut with she has to keep her door OPEN, unless she's changing her clothes. She has to do her chores in the kitchen, clean her room and study...she is grounded for a month or until she can bring her grades up...

This weekend she talked me into taking her to our local animal shelter to volunteer because its a HUGE part of one of her grades. Because she's under 18 and they have prisoners around picking up trash, bathing the dogs and cleaning out their kennels, I had to stay with her. No big deal, we stayed for a couple of hours and decided we'd come back Sunday...HUGE mistake! Mommy wasn't feeling the dogs much yesterday...had a headache...wanted to sleep...STOP THE BARKING DOGS!!!

Middle Boy Child has something that the scorpions in my state LOVE! I don't know what it is, but he has it. He was stung AGAIN by a scorpion...TWICE!!! He was stung in the face and the arm this past weekend...I'm glad I don't live in Arizona...THOSE scorpions are deadly, ours here in Florida - they're just UGLY and MEAN! (stinging a kid in his sleep, I mean SERIOUSLY!!!)

Youngest Child is being a holy freaking terror, but that's to be expected. He LOVES to play and he LOVES to get loud...unless Mommy has had too much to drink the night before and if she hears ONE MORE kid screaming, we won't have them anymore!!!

I got a little toasted Saturday night. I didn't embarrass myself by throwing up, but I LOVED everyone! Sunday morning on the other hand, the only thing I coveted was sleep, ibuprofen and my coffee. I didn't get a lot of sleep cuz Girl Child needed volunteer hours and wanted to go back to the animal shelter...they have LOUD barking dogs there!!!

I'm crawling back under my rock you were


Pearl said...

Sometimes having just a little too much to drink can be a good time!


p.s. And good for you with the daughter! I like the plan of attack. :-)

Susan said...

You and I are on the same page, girl, when it comes to being in constant contact with the teachers and holding our smart but lazy ones accountable. Come to think of it, we're on the same page when it comes to drinking, too!

Lisa said...

so, as you well know, i TOTALLY agree w girl child's if we could get daddy to do something with oldest boy child then our lives would be perfect i tell ya! lol as for drinking...hehe, u may need to start comin to my house at night now that the weather is good ill be drinkin by the fire, leave the hellions with daddy i tell ya!! lmaooo luv ya the song goes..."sounds like life to me....""....gott a love our lives:) kisses!