Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You Know Its Your 'Time' When...

You get home from work and EVERYTHING you touch either burns or throws a fat grease bomb at you and you burn your fingers (trying to make breakfast for dinner Monday night)
Your wonderful Hubby tries to make you laugh and everything he says is a put down to your ears...HE says: Baby, you look MARVELOUS! (He put his arms around me to hug me when he says this...aww - how sweet, right) YOU hear: Damn girl! What happened to the skinny woman I married 13 yrs and 3 kids ago
Even the LARGE amount of wine you drink doesn't make things go all fuzzy around the edges - it just makes you MORE edgy
When you go to bed for the night and you tell your Hubby - you know, I could kill you right now and get away with it...the FEAR that comes into his eyes when he realizes just how serious you are.

Yes, I am PMS'ing. I'm trying SO hard to be nice and smile at people, but its just SO damn HARD!!! Why can't I just go away to some place tropical where they have bottomless Margaritas served to you by some really HOT guy with a GREAT accent who tells me that no matter what I look beautiful in a bikini? Yeah, I know its a dream, but DON'T burst it for me people, things could go wrong in SO many ways!!!!

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Queen Goob said...

CS-Man would never insult you like least not while you're PMSing because come on, we both know he's a smarter guy than that! He’s running away to my house for the game on Sunday, right? How smart is that? VERY!!!