Monday, June 2, 2008

I've FINALLY got a first...

OK, I've got my first what? I guess I can do what a friend of mine has done and just ramble (just kidding Queen Goob), of course hers are much funnier than mine. I don't have an insane dog or two spawn of Satan...i have 3 spawn of Satan (different Satan, i SWEAR!), 1 step-spawn and a marriage to Satan himself.

today has been the freaking day from HELL!!! I've been waiting ALL week for my 'friend' to visit (the one that comes once a month...) well, it gets here Saturday and before my coffee has had a chance to un-muddle my brain hubby texts me...'Good Morning, Darling' he says and THOSE words, in THAT tone just set me over the edge! Why? PMS!!!!!

Today? what about today you ask? Well, the sun was shining, the coffee was made and then I woke up! My mood has gone from Linda Blair, head turning, spitting split-pea soup to waiting in a closet for your psycho baby brother to come along and stab you with a kitchen knife. needless to say, all the SMART people at work (yes, Queen Goob, there are a FEW) have left me alone...for the most part. Here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day!

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Queen Goob said...

Ooops, sorry - I didn't leave you alone, did I?