Thursday, June 12, 2008


I was sitting here reading my one of my favorite people's blogs and was thinking what a cool mom she really is. Hoping, praying, BEGGING to whatever mom deity I could think of that I'm as good of a mom as she is. My mom was a great mom - yeah there were times when i thought she didn't love me or why she even bothered to keep me when she had me so young, but then i realized that she kept me BECAUSE of her love for me.

My mom was 16 when she had me in 1972. It wasn't a small town, but small enough. She did the "right" thing by marrying my biological walking sperm bank, but she wised up and divorced him. She married my dad when she was 19 and by the time i was 4 i had a baby brother. He was cute and I liked playing with him. By the time I was 9 I had 2 more baby brothers and they were great to play with because I was older than when Sean was born so I could help mom out.

We moved to back to California when I was 11 (?) maybe 12 and I love it! We lived on a ranch my Pa-Pa bought with 2 of his friends and life was good...sort of. There are some things in my life that happened that aren't good (NOT for public consumption), but there are the times when my mom would make a teddy bear cake for my baby brother, or a football cake for Nathan...hell, she even made a unicorn cake for me that my friends and i soon trashed all over each other and mom joined right in on the food fight.

She made sure I took dance lessons, when I wanted to try out for the flag and rifle team, she encouraged me. My mom was the only at home parent I had growing up. I don't know how she did did she raise 5 kids alone? (Yes, you've counted right...I haven't mentioned my sister...she was born when I was 17 - more about her later)

I admit - I was a latch key brother Sean and I rode the bus home from our quaint little school, walked a mile to the bus stop alone and stayed at the house until mom came home...alone. My grandparents lived just up the hill, so we weren't really 'alone', but you get the drift. I'd try to have my chores done and dinner started before mom got home and my homework was done after dinner.

Yeah, my mom was tough but she loved us and we never really had a need for anything. There were some tough times, but we got thru it together because we were family and didn't know any better...we're all grown now with spouses and children of our own and yes, we've made mistakes - but who hasn't?

I love my mom, we don't speak as much as we probably should, but i love my mom. I haven't told her so many years, she'd probably have a heart attack or think I'm wanting something (you have to know my family), but I LOVE MY MOM!!! She gave me my independence, she gave me my sense of right and wrong, she kissed my cuts and dried my tears, she was with me when her first grand child was born (my daughter), she was the ONLY one with me when my oldest son was born AND she got a speeding ticket when i told her NOT to come from Madison, FL to Macon, GA because the baby wasn't coming yet...did she listen, NO!!! and it was STILL my fault she got the ticket...but regardless, I LOVE MY MOM!

We haven't always been close as mother and daughter and part of that is my fault...I've never been able to talk to my mom when it was important and I still don't, but when i need SOMEONE, anyone who won't judge me or tell me I'm wrong, someone i just need as a friend...i know she's there, i know if i need to tell a silly story about what my kids have done that reminds me of my childhood, she's there. I Love You, Mom!

She's in a house all by herself now, my sister is married and moved away to start her own family. I see my mom everyday at work so I know she's OK...but sometimes i wonder, is it too late to be a friend to my mom? To be there for her the way she's ALWAYS been for me? Just in case you missed it...I LOVE MY MOM!!!

Thank you mom. You've always said that being a mother is a thankless job, that your reward is a hug or kiss for no reason. I look at my children and thank God every day for them. Yes, they drive me freaking BATTY, but I love them. My mom cursed me a LONG time ago (stop me if you've heard it...) "You're going to have one just like you some day"...

Well, Mama I did and she hasn't even started yet! Ya think I can get you to run interference for me? she's libel not to make it thru her teenage did you talk to the boys about sex? I know...mine aren't even old enough to THINK about it, but they WILL be and dad's advice? the same he gave his 18 yr old son..."here, take these and put one in your wallet. Make sure you change them out every now and then cause these suckers don't last too long. Don't want to get one with a hole in it from being in your wallet too long"

Yep, the ol box o'condoms...but the girl? she's being locked away in a tower next year on her 12th birthday. PLEASE HELP MOM!!! I LOVE MY MOM!!!

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