Friday, November 13, 2009

Apology To My Husband....

I have to apologize to my husband, its not going to be easy to do...

Girl Child and I were in the car listening to the radio and Carrie Underwood's 'All-American Girl' came on. She asked me if she was an All American Girl, I said yes. Then I explained to her that All-American Girl means that she was born here, raised here and loved everything American.
We were driving in the car taking an evening ride. The whole family was there; Hubs, Me, Girl Child, Middle Boy Child and Youngest Son.

Girl Child: Lacey's not an All American Girl like I am because she's part Irish or Scottish, or one of those "-ishs"
Me: What do you mean? She was born here in the States, right?
GC: Yes, in the 'Glades
Me: And her parents are US citizens, right?
GC: Yes, but since her people are from overseas she's not All-American
Me: Uh, honey...YOUR ancestors are from overseas...unless they've JUST gotten off the boat most of the people living in the US now are ALL AMERICAN
GC: But you said I was All-American
Me: You are, but so is Lacey!
GC: I don't get it...

Me: Is THIS how you feel when you're talking to me?
Hubs: Yes and now I know where she gets it from! {he got punched in the arm for that comment}

She wasn't getting what I was trying to tell her and I think that made her mad (woo-hoo!). The reason I'm apologizing to my husband? Now I know how he feels when he's trying to tell me something and it takes me a few minutes to 'get it' he wants to pull every hair outta his head.
So honey, I'M SORRY!!!


Maelstrom said...

OMG, I hope for the day my own wife comes to this realization.

Wendi said...

You are a nice person to apologize so publicly.

Marinka said...

I agree with Anonymous.

Hey, tell him not to get used to the apologies, ok?